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Posted on 2022-09-25 @ 3:20 PM
AI generated artwork
Hello all.

Recently, we've had an issue pop up that is not something we've had to deal with in the past. While we appreciate that AI generated artwork takes many working hours, we have come to the conclusion, after much discussion, that it would not be ethical for us to host it on Y!gallery for various reasons.

There is the problem with lesser vetted AI generators when it comes to things like overfitting, if it was trained on a smaller amount of images, or if it wasn't validated correctly. This may cause it to turn out images that too closely resemble a real person. There's also the issue that AI generated art may steal parts of other artists or photographers work to create a new image. Since we have no way to guarantee that this will not happen when using such generators, we sadly must disallow AI generated art from being posted to the site.

To this end, we've implemented a new rule, which you can find listed now in our ToS as Rule 2e. We're very sorry if this causes any inconvienience, but we hope you'll understand our reasoning in putting in this new rule.

Thank you,
Your Y!gallery Staff
Posted on 2022-06-12 @ 5:25 PM
Donations Update!
Hey everyone!
We're a little over the half way mark at this point with the donations for the server reaching $391 today! Thanks to everyone who's been donating and supporting the site ^-^

Let's see if we can reach that goal!
To donate, you can click the "Support Y!g" button at the bottom left side of every Y!g page/screen, the Donate link in the top navbar, or the second last link at the bottom of the sidebar.

Thanks again everyone! ❤️ And happy pride month!

You can still see the original Donation drive post by either going two news posts down, or by clicking here: [Donation Drive]
Posted on 2022-05-18 @ 4:55 PM
Y!gallery Forum Closure
Hi everyone!

We just wanted to let you know that the Y!gallery forum (hosted at forum.y-gallery.net - now redirects to the main Y!g site) will be closing in 7 days; so on the 25th of May, 2022.
The forum is very seldom used, and with the site and the Discord server, I think it best we focus our moderation staff on those instead of spreading manpower too thin. It's also an unnecessary cost as it's not used often.

Note: The main Y!gallery website (where you're reading this) is going nowhere, neither is the Discord.

We're giving you a week's heads up so you can copy or download anything you need or want to from there before it closes.

Thanks everyone!

Oh! And thanks to everyone who has donated so far! We've almost reached half of our goal and I couldn't be more proud of our community ❤️
Posted on 2022-05-15 @ 6:45 PM
Donation Drive
Hello Y!gallery :happy:

Your past donations have significantly contributed to the ability of this gallery's ability to be able to stay online free for all. In order for us to continue, we again ask for your generosity in helping us reach out goal of $600. This will provide us with six month's worth of server payments so Y!gallery can remain a safe space for all things M/M

You can donate via the following ways:
paypal - [email protected]
ko-fi - ko-fi.com/ygallery

As always, you can see our donation thermometer to see how we're doing.

We deeply appreciate your continued support and kindness.
Your Y!gallery staff & mods :heart:
Posted on 2022-01-05 @ 6:43 AM
Registration Issues (Jan 5, 2022)
Hi there!

We've apparently had issues with registration emails (activation emails) not being received. We're unsure how long this went on for, but it should now be fixed. Due to the nature of the site, I can't really just send off the emails again. Instead, you haven't received your activation email, you can go ahead over to our Discord (link) and send me (broco - @cocoa#6969) a DM containing the email you used to register, as well as the username of your account. I'll help get your account acivated manually from there :)

- bro
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