I can't log into my old Gallery account

Hello, my name is Throneofsouls. I was member of the original Y-gallery before the site was hacked and afterwards I signed up for the y forum when the members were trying to rebuild the site. Anyway, I was surprised that they managed to rebuild this (I lost track and sort of fell off) and still have my old password for both the forum and old Gallery. It didn’t work so, does this mean I should just sign up again with a new password?

Or will I have to change my user name and password to log in to the new Y-gallery ?

If and whenever anyone has a free moment, could you please assist me? Anyway, thank you for your time and have a good day.

Hi Throneofsouls,

We were only able to rebuild the code for the framework of the site. All accounts and works from the old site were lost. You will need to sign up with a new account, but you should be able to use your old username, email and password to sign up. If you have any other questions or if there’s any problem signing up to the gallery, please feel free to contact me again.